Leather to Go

Leather to Go

There are some smart rules you can adopt with regard to the style and quality of furniture you have in your house and which is entirely reliant on the growth of your kids. When you have babies, you do NOT want white fabric furniture, difficult to clean and impossible to keep children off. While there are a hundred handy hints about how to clean a light coloured fabric sofa or armchair, it’s obvious these people offering tips haven’t had kids whose sole aim is to destroy the home! Okay, we are exaggerating a little.

I remember years ago the family went to visit friends and as I was a young boy at the time, both my sister and I were dragged along. They were a strange couple who had no kids and I remember the lounge suite, a sofa and two armchairs with a soft cotton looking material, were covered in thick, clear plastic. No way was anything going to be spilled onto the furniture. Or, if it were it was easily cleanable. But it was a hot day and sitting on that plastic was bearable for only a short time before you could feel the perspiration pooling around your backside. We can laugh about it now, but at the time it was embarrassing. I’m sure that old couple could sell that furniture as brand new retro today! But how did they watch TV during the summer? The mind boggles!

Do you know what the easiest fabric to clean? Well, vinyl is, but does anybody make furniture from that material anymore? In actual fact it’s leather. Spills, biro marks, scuffs, are all removable by applying some basic cleaning methods. There are some kind of interesting leather cleaning hints you can find here if you ever have any doubts about purchasing quality furniture for your home.

These handy cleaning hacks were put together by Distinctive Chesterfields, a very well-known maker of quality chesterfield leather furniture and nobody knows that stuff better than the manufacturer. There are lots of people online and on daytime TV shows advertising some amazing but simple ways to do home cleaning. The trend in this modern era of using fewer chemicals and keeping them from causing your allergies and letting them run down your drain into water systems means that they are safe to use. Lemon juice figures prominently in most cleaning tips.

I actually owned a chesterfield sofa and we purchased that when the kids were in their teens. It was a wonderfully comfortable piece and is still in use today 29 years after buying. Grandchildren, dogs and cats have all found it a fascinating place to sit, lie and play. To keep it clean we vacuum it weekly, rub it down with a warm, damp cloth, finally applying beeswax leather solution to retain its beautiful looks. There are some unique products available that you can use and it’s best to check with the manufacturer who will know best.