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Saddle up and mountain bike for the hills 0

Keep your backside over the back wheel. That’s the golden rule when you’re going down a steep hill on a mountain bike. You can then freewheel over rocks, roots and ruts that would stop the bike (but not you) dead if you were sitting on the saddle. With your centre [Read more]

Do London’s new bike lanes really work? 0

Cycling has expanded greatly. But are London’s new blue cycle routes as hellish as the old ones? Our writer gets on his bike to find out It is 8am on a bright Monday morning and traffic is snarling its way north up the A24. Across the road workers are flooding [Read more]

Mason builds a bike brand to be proud of 0

The bond between a man and his bicycle can be an emotional one. Dominic Mason is well aware of this, and that is why he has gone out of his way to create a bike brand that people will fall in love with. It seems to be working.