Having a day out has to coincide with a few things for me. Also, there are different categories of days out, isn’t there? To some, a day out might mean leaving the kids at home with the husband and going out to the shops with your girlfriends. It could mean you and the rest of the family going on a Sunday drive. If I am looking after a few kids of friends while my children are at school, it might be a lovely walk in the local park. So it can be a mix of different situations.

Should we talk about the weather? I am hardly likely to go out if it’s blowing a gale or raining cats and dogs. Even if it’s drizzling, you can’t take the kids out in that. So weather plays an important part in the doing. Unfortunately, it often misbehaves in the reality. But let’s assume a glorious day. Clear blue skies, a light breeze, no rain forecast (can you believe that?) and a plan in place. I will have to admit, that my favourite day out is a picnic.

Picnics are a real family thing to do. Just the two kids and the husband, a nice big blanket, a packed lunch, drinks for the kids, and perhaps a slightly chilled bottle of white wine and two glasses. Oh, don’t forget the dog! Throw some toys like a Frisbee or a cricket set and football into the trunk, a dish for the dog’s water, and we’re off.

I did say a car and you’re wondering why we aren’t just walking to the local park. Well, if it’s going to be a family picnic, I prefer to go somewhere a little different. We’re always at the park and while it’s a lovely place to walk and play, it’s also somewhere that we go to often. I also don’t like a long drive to get somewhere. Kids get ratty and the dog gets fidgety and hubby starts letting steam escape from his ears because of traffic and crazy drivers. I am sure you know the scene.

One of the nicest days out we had was at Portishead Lake Grounds. It’s only about an hours’ drive and you are in the area where the Avon runs into the sea and there’s a man-made marina. Water, grass, heaps of things for the kids to do. You can row a boat, fly a kite, even do a bit of window shopping. There’s the Esplanade to walk along. It really is a jolly interesting place to spend a relaxing day. There are a lot more people there than you will find if you had a picnic in a secluded place but a lot less boring for the children. If you want to talk about a day out with more romance, then it’s a movie followed by dinner. Add the cost of the babysitter to that one, or, drop the kids off at the grandparents for the weekend. Ciao!