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Tipping the Scales of Justice: 5 Ways How a Boating Accident Lawyer Can Help You Prevail in the Court of Law 0

Boating can be a thrilling activity; fun to be precise. Unfortunately, just like any other means of transport, you may be involved in a boating accident. You may suffer numerous injuries after this accident; both physical and mental.

Casting off: what’s new in the world of cruising 0

River adventures Who says river cruising is only for the over-60s? G Adventures has launched a series of escorted river voyages aimed at the younger market, with nine itineraries exploring Peru, France, India, Cambodia and Vietnam. You travel in a small group, of presumably like-minded souls, on your own boat, [Read more]

My adventures with my son: from caving to kayaking 0

Now that it is drawing to a close (he’ll be 16 tomorrow), I can reflect that one of the aspects of my son Sam’s childhood I have got right – not entirely right but more or less – is that we’ve enjoyed a fair few adventures together. I mean old-school, [Read more]