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Considering Installing Vinyl Flooring 0

For those considering installing luxury vinyl flooring throughout the home or through individual rooms within the house, there are two methods for installation with differing degrees of difficulty. Whilst it may not seem like a huge deal whichever you choose, there is enough of a difference in ease and installation [Read more]

Get the best deals this holiday season (without leaving your couch!) 0

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to spend too much money on gifts. It seems that with each passing year, we are expected to spend more and more money on gifts.  When did the gift of friendship get replaced with an Xbox 360 or the new air jordans? [Read more]

How Can Pressure Relief Cushions Improve Comfort & Mobility? 0

If you suffer from mobility issues, you’ll probably find yourself sitting down for longer periods than you’re used to. That can be fine if you’ve invested in a rise and recline armchair to help you up and down and keep your body relaxed when you’re seated, and there should be [Read more]