Which is Better, Having a Natural Birth Or having an Epidural?

Which is Better, Having a Natural Birth Or having an Epidural?

Do you have the luxury of having a natural birth instead of giving birth through caesarean section? If you answer “yes” to this question, you’re lucky indeed. However, not everyone can enjoy this kind of birth. This is because some women do experience pain after having their babies. And pain management tends to be something that might have a genetic connection! To know more about this you can click on https://clarityxdna.com/genetic-testing-for-pain-management/ or other similar articles. However, there are ways on managing this pain and ultimately enjoying childbirth without painkillers.

Breathing techniques are considered one of the best methods of pain management during natural births. Many expectant mothers are scared of having an epidural because it can be too painful and they don’t want to take chances with their baby’s health and safety. So, if you can’t manage to breathe perfectly, try to distract yourself by taking deep breaths through your cupped hands. You can use a pregnancy breathing kit for your assistance in breathing properly during the labor and delivery period. However, if you think that your breathing is getting interrupted, don’t panic and rush to the hospital. Doctors are highly capable of giving you enough medications to take care of the pain and soothe your nerves during the whole labor and delivery period.

However, as a pregnant woman, you know your body the best. Doctors can recommend a lot of different things, but you have to decide what is best for you and your child. Sometimes, hospitals could be negligent when it comes to your needs, and it could result in childbirth injuries. If you’ve been misled by your doctor or your hospital during your pregnancy, then you might need to get in touch with a Birth injury law firm in order to seek compensation for any damages that might have been caused. A lot of things have to be done right to ensure a healthy birth, from proper nutrition to hygiene.

Maintaining proper vaginal hygiene is a great help in avoiding pain during labor. For instance, having a douche with warm water at least three times a day can be very helpful to you. Keeping your vagina clean and moisture-free can minimize the discomfort you will feel in the third stage of your natural birth experience.

Your doctor will give you the OK to visit childbirth classes if you would like to. Classes like first-time motherhood and douching with warm water are usually held at hospitals. Visiting these classes will not only help you deal with pain relief but also prepare you for labor and delivery. Classes like these are usually held within the week before your due date so you can start preparing for it ahead of time.

If you feel you need more than just pain relief when having a natural birth, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor for other suggestions. For instance, some doctors suggest taking vitamin supplements to be able to handle the discomforts that go along with natural births. However, some care providers do not really recommend this method since there are cases wherein the mother can end up developing an iron deficiency after childbirth. If you feel you need additional vitamins or you want to increase your iron intake, ask your doctor about it. Most of these vitamin supplements come in tablet forms and are usually taken during post-partum week.

Having a natural birth is definitely a lot easier compared to having an epidural. The only difference is that an epidural usually comes along with a lot of side effects like nausea and back pain. You can find more information regarding childbirth classes and epidurals by checking your local hospital or local bookstore. Once again, it all boils down to your comfort level and what you think would make you comfortable during labor and after labor.