Considering Installing Vinyl Flooring

Considering Installing Vinyl Flooring

For those considering installing luxury vinyl flooring throughout the home or through individual rooms within the house, there are two methods for installation with differing degrees of difficulty.

Whilst it may not seem like a huge deal whichever you choose, there is enough of a difference in ease and installation costs for you to consider. There is a cost-effective solution and one that requires paying out a little extra for a professional touch.

For Gluing Down Tiles

Because it incorporates a slightly thinner design, Glue-down LVT is a method that provides stable, long-lasting flooring. You will need to ensure your subfloor that is being installed over is fully flat and even with no imperfections that will be highlighted after you are done fitting it down.

After making sure that the subfloor has no moisture present, each tile will require gluing down with an adhesive – which takes a bit longer to install and may require the work of a professional installer if you find it a bit difficult.

Glue-down vinyl flooring is a more affordable option over Click LVT, but being cheaper does not mean it lacks in quality. Offering increased levels of stability and a heightened level of durability for those heavy traffic areas, glue-down vinyl truly lasts in areas where moisture and temperatures rise such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Clicking Together Vinyl

Although LVT flooring has been known to not feel the impact of moisture and temperature risings, there are still problems that can affect your floor. If you are looking to implement LVT in high moisture areas then Glue-down is the preferred method for you.

Offering the same layered design as Glue-down, Click LVT does differ in some areas. A click system requires a thicker product than Glue-down tiles, which does not necessarily offer more durability but has the same wear layer.

The click system offers incredible ease in installation that can be done by anyone, with many people choosing to forgo the professional fitter and the price that comes with it for little extra savings. The chosen choice is using underlay instead of fitting it over the subfloor, which gives a boost to the comfort and reduces the amount of work put into installation.

Being a fast and easy installation method, Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring provides a genuine aesthetic due to the thickness of the tiles whilst providing great comfort underfoot – and minimum impact on your bank balance also.

Deciding which type is best suited for you comes down to where you plan to install it. Glue-down works great for high traffic areas such as kitchens, living rooms and hallways. The appearance of each is equally impressive, with Click offering a more realistic wooden presentation.

When looking for the best between both choices of how to install your vinyl flooring, you can be sure to find the best solution that suits any room with vinyl.