Carry Your Baby Past Term – Are There Dangers Involved?

Carry Your Baby Past Term – Are There Dangers Involved?

Many new moms are afraid to have a csection, or they are not sure if a csection is necessary. But having a csection can actually lower your risks for many types of complications. The reason that it is beneficial to have a csection is because it is a completely routine procedure that should not cause any stress to your new born baby. Many new moms think that the only time their baby will be in danger from a csection is when he or she swallows air during delivery.

There are many different complications that your baby could suffer if you carry your baby past term. These complications can include breathing problems, low birth weight, pneumonia, and even death. All of these things are highly treatable, but carrying your baby past term does present some risk. So, does this mean you should not have a csection?

Not necessarily. If your baby is having breathing problems, then yes, you absolutely should have a csection. Even if your baby is only mildly dehydrated, or you are not concerned about him or her breathing at all, it is still a good idea to make sure he or she is properly born. Babies who are delivered early have a much better chance of breathing normally than babies who are delivered late. Also, if your baby is slightly underweight, this can also play a role in breathing problems.

Other complications that may occur if you carry your baby past term include fetal distress breathing. This occurs when your baby begins having difficulty breathing. It usually occurs as your baby starts to get larger. Many times this will happen during the first half of the pregnancy, but can also occur up to four months after your baby has been delivered. Fetal distress breathing is usually not serious, but it is still something that should be monitored closely.

If your baby seems to be having breathing problems, it is best to have him or her evaluated by a doctor right away. It’s important to be able to monitor the progress of your baby. If your baby stops breathing for more than a couple of minutes or becomes unresponsive, then you should seek emergency medical care. Other complications that can occur are preeclampsia, which is a life-threatening condition where your baby develops extremely low blood pressure. Premature babies also have a higher risk of contracting infections. They also have a risk of getting injured during labour, in which case, it may be considered medical malpractice or classified as a birth injury. You may then have to get in touch with a lawyer from Wagners Law Firm or other similar firms to decide on the next course of action. These are just a few complications, which are less common in babies that are delivered by C-section.

Having a C-section can be a safe procedure. The benefits far outweigh the risks, however. Your baby is less likely to suffer from complications. You also won’t have to carry him or her past term, which can be a huge relief. Having a C-section can seem scary, but remember that with the proper care your baby is likely to experience no major problems.