Barley Apps

Barley Apps

With the weather on the improve now that spring has sprung it’s great to be able to get everybody out of the house. On most weekends during winter, I always found myself tripping over a dog or a small version of a human being. As soon as we had the first signs of sunshine breaking through heavy cloud, I was pushing the children out of the house so that I could have some peace, quiet and a bit of space to move.

Two of my kids have iPads which have really been a godsend for being able to keep them entertained and very quiet. The major challenge for myself and my husband was to make them put down their devices while we ate the family dinner together. I’m trying to get the kids a little bit more excited with Easter just around the corner and the prospect of an Easter egg hunt. I suppose many of you will think that it’s bad parenting to be feeding the kids chocolate, but surely on the occasion of Easter, you can forgive me.

We had a bit of an opportunity for the kids to look at some of the apps that they were using and we even seriously discussed whether we should check out App Developers UK and put forward a proposal to try and create an app of our own. There’s quite a bit of news available on the Internet about how to develop applications and their associated costs.

If you want to develop a really complicated app you are going to fork out some serious money and then you have to decide how much to charge for a download. With the amount of free downloads on apps, you are going to have to create something really special to entice people to pay. You can check out the official source regarding these costs on the Internet.

Just to keep the kids occupied I’ve told them to start looking at relevant apps for the up-and-coming summer holidays and check out places where they might like to go. We try to put away enough money to travel overseas about once every three years and in the intervening years just a local holiday in the UK somewhere is pretty good. There is beautiful countryside in Wales and Scotland and the weather is usually consistently okay to enjoy a week or two away from home.

When the kids were much younger, we tended to stay at home and get involved in some DIY project that would add value to the home. And speaking of apps, the amount of them available for DIY projects is nothing short of amazing. You have enough information at your fingertips to just about build another house. That will include all the electrical work and the plumbing. Can anybody remember a life before apps?