How Can Pressure Relief Cushions Improve Comfort & Mobility?

How Can Pressure Relief Cushions Improve Comfort & Mobility?

If you suffer from mobility issues, you’ll probably find yourself sitting down for longer periods than you’re used to. That can be fine if you’ve invested in a rise and recline armchair to help you up and down and keep your body relaxed when you’re seated, and there should be plenty of things to do to keep your mind busy. That said, you should still think about adding a pressure relief cushion.

What Are Pressure Relief Cushions?

There are plenty of supportive cushions available to help make sitting more comfortable, but special pressure relief cushions are different. They utilize thousands of little air cells and a soft foam outer layer, and you can inflate them to your chosen level using a hand pump.

Why Should You Use a Pressure Relief Cushion?

It’s easy enough to understand how pressure relief cushions work, and it’s equally easy to understand their attractive benefits:

  • Personalized Support: Because pressure relief cushions can be filled up with air according to your wishes, you’ll always enjoy the perfect degree of support for your exact size, shape, and condition.
  • Air Circulation: The soft cover of a pressure relief cushion is designed to keep air circulating. As such, moisture dissipates easily, so you’ll never feel sweaty and the cushion will remain clean and hygienic.
  • Constant Movement: When you move around, the air in your pressure relief cushion’s cells responds. This helps relieve individual pressure points.
  • Easy to Move: A rise and recline armchair might be extremely comfortable, but what about when you have to sit down for dinner or move to a different room? Other chairs might offer no support at all, but you can always grab your pressure relief cushion and bring it with you.

Pressure relief cushions greatly increase comfort, and they’re extremely effective at reducing the risk of pressure ulcers caused by extended periods of sitting. If you need to be seated for long periods, investing in a pressure relief cushion makes perfect sense.