4 Ways to Turn Old Paper Bags Into Cat Toys

4 Ways to Turn Old Paper Bags Into Cat Toys

It’s one of the world’s universal truths that a cat will usually like a simple box or piece of paper far more than the luxurious bed or funky toy that you just picked up at a hefty price. Well, with paper bags at your disposal you can turn that problem to your advantage. The crinkly nature of brown paper bags is beloved by felines everywhere, and what better way to reuse them than to turn them into your kitty’s new favourite plaything?

  1. Ball it Up

Let’s start simple; after all, cats can be pretty simple creatures. If you’d like to engage their attention, simply ball up a paper bag tightly and chuck it around with them. They’ll enjoy batting it around the floor, and the uneven surface of the ball will mean that it skitters off in different directions. Your cat will find that endlessly intriguing.

  1. Crinkle it Open

Bundling your paper bags up into balls is always going to be fun, but leaving them wide open can also be a hoot when you have a cat in the house. Crinkle your paper bag around the top to make sure that it will stay open, then lay it down on the floor. Cats love sneaking into tight, enclosed spaces, and they might even launch themselves into their new papery lair and go skidding across the floor.

  1. Attach it to String

Ah string, the age-old plaything of the feline race. Instead of dangling some in front of your kitty, try attaching it to a paper bag, rolled up or otherwise. You can jerk it away as your cat gets close, then watch them give chase.

  1. Put Treats Inside

If you really want to make your cat happy, try lightly balling up a paper bag with treats inside it. These will be released as they paw and scratch at it, providing a fun game while also ensuring that they get their food.

If you have a few paper bags lying around, there are plenty of ways to recycle them. However, cat-owners will find that few of them are likely to provide such merriment as those listed above.