Scarcity, Uniqueness, Exclusivity – This Autumn’s Fashion Trend

Scarcity, Uniqueness, Exclusivity – This Autumn’s Fashion Trend

I’ve always been a little apprehensive about introducing children to the world of fashion and its trends too early, if at all, quite simply because I truly believe there’s more to life than that. However, I do appreciate how good one feels when they’re dressed well, a quality which I feel should be passed on to the kids. My gripe with the fashion industry in general is its apparent over-emphasis on big brand names which come at costs that don’t really justify their popularity, but I guess for some people that hefty price slapped on certain garments is precisely what makes them “exclusive”.

So anyway, the emerging trend this autumn and I guess going into the winter season as well appears to be exclusivity, but it is exclusivity in the true sense of the term, not in the sense that only a few people are crazy enough to spend an entire month’s salary on a piece of clothing bearing a certain brand name. We’re talking here exclusivity of design – uniqueness and true scarcity. We’re talking about those pieces of clothing which will undoubtedly have heads turning your way when you walk by because these are not available in the traditional fashion high street outlets and from the regular fashion retailers.

This autumn and winter it’s about expressing one’s unique style through designs that aren’t a pound-a-penny. If you can get at least one person to give you a quizzical look if they’re too shy or too proud to ask you just where one earth you bought that sweatshirt you’re rocking, you have nailed it this fall! That’s the aim – the aim is to look and feel different because of the exclusive designs you’re rocking.

To be fair I think this gravitation towards unique expression by way of fashion is long in the making, but it appears as if this fall is the time during which it officially sets into motion and if you personally want to be in on the action, I guess the time to act is now!

Late summer/early spring is when some forward-thinking retailers firstly reintroduce last season’s leftover stock, letting it go real cheaply, and secondly, they’re starting to incorporate garments which effectively make for a preview of the upcoming trends for the next season change. You’ll do well to follow their lead and pick on the hints of these retailers if you have a keen nose for fashion that is aimed at the masses, but to bring things back in line with our discussion of exclusivity and uniqueness, those qualities are actually available all year round if you look to do your fashion shopping beyond the traditional outlets.

One such non-traditional, exclusive fashion design outlet exists in the form of Max Lami, an online retailer which deals exclusively in designs that anybody you know is all but guaranteed not to have seen anywhere else if they’re not themselves acquainted with the online retailer. Everything is unique here – from the simplest of V-Neck t-shirts and non-hooded sweatshirts right down to something like a vector print square pillow!

I know where I’ll be shopping for my exclusivity this autumn!