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The Societal Effects Of Marijuana Legalization 0

You’ve understandably waded through a lot of articles that tout the health benefits of marijuana. It’s pretty predictable at this point in time. You cannot really blame the lobbyists and pro-legalization groups. The fastest way to garner support and sympathy for your cause is to address issues on a personal [Read more]

iPhone Parental Controls 0

Limiting your child’s phone usage Most children in today’s world are allowed or even required to use the internet, iPads or tablets for school, homework and in their leisure time. To make sure your child is protected in the online world, it’s probably wise to put some measure of parental [Read more]

First aid and medicine essentials for minor home emergencies 0

Your question: “Do I really need a first aid kit?” Our answer: “When do you ever not need a first aid kit?” Illness, allergies, falls, burns, bee stings – all of these common home emergencies can happen in any home at any time. That’s when you need a first aid [Read more]