Bring Your House to Life Again by Cleaning Your Drive and Patio

Bring Your House to Life Again by Cleaning Your Drive and Patio

It can often be one of those chores that gets overlooked but cleaning your drive and patio could transform the overall look and feel of your house. Getting rid of weeds, algae, moss and general dirt and grime that accumulate in these areas will help your property to look pristine again; which is perfect if you want to enjoy your outdoor space or if you’re looking to sell your home.

It’s surprising just how much dirty paving blocks etc. can affect the presentation of your home but once they’re clean your house will be given a new lease of life. Using a pressure washer or flat surface cleaner from a company such as SGS will not only help to improve the look but will also remove any slipping hazards.

Using a Pressure Washer Correctly

A pressure washer will provide your patio and driveway with a deep clean but it’s important that they’re used correctly so no damage is caused. Always check the materials of your drive and patio before using a pressure washer and take extra care where there are joints as the washer could blast some of the cement etc. out of these areas.

It’s always recommended to angle the pressure washer at no more than 30 degrees to avoid marking the surface or breaking the joints. And, if you feel as though your patio is particularly dirty, you could apply some detergent beforehand, which will help to dissolve the dirt. There are some specialist detergents available that can help to protect against weather damage and will also reduce the build-up of dirt.

Specialist detergents for wooden areas, such as decking, are also available, so you can spruce up the back of your property at the same time!

Removing Stubborn Dirt

If you are finding it particularly difficult to remove stubborn dirt from your driveway and/or patio, most pressure washers do have a feature that provides a stronger jet of water. Be careful to only use these on robust surfaces such as stone and to avoid woodwork etc. while using this feature. However, with this additional power, you’ll soon remove these stubborn areas of dirt.

By giving these spaces around your home a deep clean, they’ll bring added curb appeal to your property and will provide a much more inviting outdoor space for you and your family.