5 Reasons You Should Never Use a DIY Drain Camera System

5 Reasons You Should Never Use a DIY Drain Camera System

Search ‘DIY drain camera’ on Google, and you’re sure to find plenty of results. Guides will let you know how to put together your own model, promising that you’ll get the same results without having to buy a specialty system. Unfortunately, this is just not true. Professionals buy professional tools for a reason, and they avoid facing the 5 five problems listed below.

  1. Broken Equipment

Building a DIY drain camera system might sound like a money-saver, but you’ll ultimately be putting your expensive camera, plus a length of cabling, down through a tight, inaccessible length of pipe. If anything does break off, you might be unable to retrieve it, and that loss of equipment can cost you hundreds.

  1. Blockages

Losing a piece of equipment within the drain doesn’t have to mean losing a huge amount of money, but it can create plenty of bother. Even a loose piece of duct tape or anything else used to sheath the wiring can break away in the drain. Even if you manage to retrieve the expensive camera, you’ll probably have made your initial problem worse by adding a whole new blockage.

  1. Fried Electronics

The state of the art systems that we provide are made to the highest industry standards; what you whip up in your garage – not so much. Any problems with the covering of the camera or the wire can fry your electronics, rendering equipment temporarily useless and possibly destroyed for good.

  1. Lack of Quality

Even if your camera holds up to the stresses and strains that it needs to, do you really think you’re going to get the same quality images? Modern cameras can be controlled remotely and are made specifically to perform well in such conditions. If you can’t get a good enough picture of what’s in a drain, the camera is useless anyway.

  1. Lack of Professionalism

Those substandard images aren’t going to create a brilliant impression, and neither is your DIY kit. Even the average homeowner is going to understand that you don’t use top-notch equipment when you pull out something homemade. It will not evoke confidence.

A DIY drain camera system might seem like a great idea, but they’re likely to cost you time, money, and clients. Instead, make an investment in the best tools for the job.