Wondering How to Choose the Right Timber for Your Decking?

Wondering How to Choose the Right Timber for Your Decking?

Timber decking can provide an ideal place to enjoy your outside space, as well as adding some wow factor to your property. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you pick out the right type of timber for the job, so make sure you follow the points below.

The Right Species

Obviously one of the first things you’re going to have to do is pick the right species of timber for your decking. As you might expect, it should be very tough and able to resist damage from both moisture and UV light. A hardwood is almost certainly the right way to go, with oak being a perennial favourite, although there are a few softwoods that could work. Larch, Douglas fir, cedar, and oak are all good options since they resist rot, moisture, and insects.

The Right Moisture Content

One thing DIYers tend to forget about is moisture content – your timber’s moisture content should be no greater than 20% at the time of installation if you want to reduce the risk of distortion. Make sure your timber supplier verifies this before you get to work.

The Right Grade

Some people think that choosing a durable wood is all they need to do – not so. You’ll need to look for timber that has been properly graded, with Class 3 levels and above used for all outdoor applications. And that’s just for the exposed sections of your decking. Posts and joists will need to be in contact with the ground, so they should be treated at Class 4 level.

The Right Surface

Finally, make sure you use timber that has the right surface. Wooden decks can become quite slippery after even a little bit of rain, so a smooth surface is going to drastically increase the risk of slipping and falling. A ribbed or grooved surface is ideal along the walking surfaces of your decking, and you can even find boards that have been treated with an anti-slip resin. As well as being advisable across the entire walking surface, high-grip boards are absolutely essential for steps and ramps.