Things You Should Know About Buying Tickets Online

Things You Should Know About Buying Tickets Online

Purchasing tickets online may be the most convenient route to seeing your favourite UK Broadway shows. It can save you transportation costs and service fee that is usually higher in retail outlets due to labour costs. Most of all, it gives you freedom in finding cheap tickets.

Before buying a ticket online, though, there are things you should know it.

  • You should know the terminologies used in theatre ticket buying.

For first timers, this would a step which should not be overlooked. Terms such as face value, ticket agents, STAR members, booking fee, service charge, and many others should be fully understood. It is also important to know the technicalities like how much should a booking fee be for benchmarking.

  • Browse for your desired theatre shows online.

You could go to this website to find theatre tickets online. Make sure that the ticket details match the official date, time and place as announced in the promoter’s or venue’s event advertisements.

  • Check if the ticket agency is a member of the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR).

STAR is a self-regulatory body for the United Kingdom entertainment ticketing industry. To see the membership list of legitimate agencies selling theatre tickets.

  • Search for early warning signals for frauds.

If it is not a member of STAR, find another agency. However, in picking one, make sure that they have the official details listed correctly. Look and search online for the agency’s address. You must know where the company is based. Their contact details must not only be through online, but also phone numbers.

  • Know the face value of the ticket being offered to know how much they are charging.

The booking fee may vary depending on the agency’s way of processing.

  • Double check on the venue’s seat plan to be aware of problems like view restriction.

Make sure you address this problem to the agency before purchasing the ticket.

  • Have a back-up plan.

If by some misfortunate event the show is cancelled or rescheduled, STAR members would offer rescheduled tickets or ticket refunds of at least the face value.

If you change your mind and decide on selling the ticket, you could find online resale marketplaces that provide opportunities to find potential buyers. They must guarantee the customer’s replacement tickets or refund in case of problems.

  • Check the terms and conditions of the ticket sale.

This would be useful in case of emergency, e.g. you are not able to attend your booked event. However, they usually do not approve on cancellations.

  • Use encryption for security.

To know if the payment is secure, there must be a padlock symbol on the screen called encryption facility when filling the necessary details. The web address must then change to one beginning “https://”. For financial protection, instead of debit cards, use a credit card when total payment is over £100.

  • Check and update on when your tickets would arrive.

If after going through the previous pointers mentioned before, you find something suspicious or if you encounter malicious problems, contact STAR through e-mail, phone or letter indicated on their website. If it is not a STAR member, you can report it to the police.


Majority of online theatre ticket purchases has smooth transactions, especially when you buy them online. Once you get the hang of it, you could trust implicitly on online ticket buying and share the information with others.