Renovating Old Fireplaces Adds Beauty to a Room

Renovating Old Fireplaces Adds Beauty to a Room

Many older homes feature original open fireplaces that have perhaps been covered over during modernisation. It is notable, however, that a great number of people are choosing to uncover, restore and use them, and with good reason. A traditional fireplace is a very attractive addition to a room – especially one that it was originally intended for – and when restored correctly makes an excellent source of heat. It’s a great feeling to settle down in front of a neatly burning fire, warm and cosy while the world outside is freezing cold!

Of course, when dealing with old fireplaces and chimneys that have been out of use for some years you need to make sure you have expert advice; a chimney that doesn’t work properly can be dangerous, not just as a fire risk, and you need to have yours checked carefully by a professional chimney sweep. Contrary to popular belief the breed has not died out; in fact, their services are more popular than for many years, thanks to an increase in the renovation of old fireplaces. For a Liverpool chimney sweep look no further than the experts at Chimney Sweep Liverpool, who can boast many years of experience and a wealth of satisfied customers.

The first step is to find out how many fires you have in your home, and decide which you want to restore to use. Take care to check as you may find them in places you consider unusual; it was not unusual, for example, for bedrooms to have fires in place, and as most people simply covered them over in the days when modernisation was the preferred route, the chances are they are still intact. Once you have made your choice, call the experts, and they will be happy to give you a free, no obligation quote for the work needed to restore your chimney and fires to safe and sound working order.

One of the benefits of restoring an old fireplace is that you can save money; take the children to look for wood in the summer months, and create your own store for when the weather turns cold. Or, you could choose to purchase smokeless fuel, which burns slowly and is extremely cost-effective, thus reducing your costs on gas and electricity in the expensive quarters of the year. Talk to Chimney Sweep Liverpool about what you need to have done before you begin, and be assured of a safe fire that is a comfort to all.

Of course, you need to keep the children safe as fire can be dangerous; a quality fireguard and strict instructions to keep away from the fire are certainly necessary. Once you have everything checked – you will be given a certificate that states your fire and chimney have been properly inspected and passed as safe for use – you are ready to go, and like many people before you, you will be able to enjoy the many pleasures of a beautiful, warm and very attractive open fire, as and when you wish.