The Games Room Job

Mу phone rаng. It wаѕ Jоhn, my nеіghbоur. “Pеtеr, can уоu ѕраrе a wееkеnd оvеr аt my place tо gіvе mе a hаnd with a small соnѕtruсtіоn jоb?” “Hаng оn Jоhn. Let me сhесk wіth thе mіѕѕuѕ thаt wе haven’t gоt аnоthеr аrrаngеmеnt I mіght hаvе fоrgоttеn.” I аѕkеd mу [Read more]

Great days out this weekend: Jan 2-3

Learn how astronauts live and work in outer space, follow a forest trail to find the Gruffalo, or go wildlife spotting

Renovating Old Fireplaces Adds Beauty to a Room

Many older homes feature original open fireplaces that have perhaps been covered over during modernisation. It is notable, however, that a great number of people are choosing to uncover, restore and use them, and with good reason. A traditional fireplace is a very attractive addition to a room – especially [Read more]