Love Darts? 3 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a Dartboard

Love Darts? 3 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a Dartboard

There are a variety of dartboards available on the market so how do you go about determining which one is best for you. Whether you are an amateur or a dart enthusiast there are important questions to ask before settling on a purchase. Do you know what type of board you are looking for? Where does your interest lie in regards to darts? Are you looking to take the game with you or bring the players to you?

All of these are important questions that require some thought before choosing the perfect dartboard for you.

Who will be using the dartboard?

Will the dartboard be used by a child or an adult? Are those using it experienced in darts or amateurs? Is this for some office fun to blow off steam or for a family fun night?

Steel darts and brass or tungsten made boards can be dangerous and are not meant to be used as toys. If the dartboard is for a child or someone new to the game an electronic board made primarily of plastic is a better option.

Is this for sport, hobby, or recreation?

Is the purchase for sport (preparing for a tournament or league), a hobby at home, or for occasional fun recreation?

If this is for sport a sisal board may be what you are looking for. They provide an authentic playing experience and are the preferred choice for tournaments. These boards can be dangerous as the darts are made of sharp steel tips. A miss thrown dart, or a bounce off of the board, can cause serious injuries.

This is a great hobby as it improves concentration and objectivity skills. But for hobby or recreation a pre-programmed game on an electronic board allows the players to keep track of scores and with some boards can even sync to a smart phone app.

Are you looking for a mobile board?

Some boards are created to be mounted to the wall and remain. Others are made to be portable like the electronic board. If you’re looking for an electronic board, perhaps checking out sites like or other similar ones might be a good option. Weight, size, lighting, portability, game options, quality of included tips, and built in wall protection (so as to keep friends whose home you take it to) are all important factors in determining the mobility of a board. Of course, if you plan to mount it in your man cave, garage, or bar the required portability, weight, and other questions all change.

Knowing who you will be playing with and where are important steps in deciding which board is right for you. If you choose an electronic board, be sure to invest in extra batteries as they drain quickly.

Choosing the best dart board isn’t complicated once you know exactly why you want one. Once the above questions are answered the process will be smooth and simple. Now it’s just a matter of nailing down the perfect price. Playing with low quality boards and darts can be more frustrating than fun. Avoid the cork boards as they fall apart easily. Stick to the plastic electronic or the sisal boards. The better quality and investment the more hours you will spend enjoying the game.