What is your first thought when you hear the word ‘detective’? You probably see a handsome man in a brown hat and tweed jacket, sitting in cigarette smoke, discreetly observing someone through a hole in his newspaper. Well, that’s a typical image of a detective, imprinted in our minds by the film industry and detective books. We do not, however, live in England at the end of the 19th century and thank God for that, as nowadays anyone can become a professional detective, without much effort or financial expenses!

If you need to check whether your partner is cheating on you, find a missing person, tap a telephone or find a bug in your premises and cannot or do not want to hire a detective agency, you should definitely visit the online portal with a wide array of investigations

You can find there articles written by professionals on different subjects related to detective work, investigations and legal matters. There are also tips concerning spying equipment and its use in many aspects of everyday life with full discretion and without the need of turning to pricy experts for help.

Spying equipment has no secrets from you!

The portal with detective tips provides interesting and approachable guides on the following matters concerning technical topics connected with conducting a private investigation (and their number is still growing):

  • bugging devices – how to install them, detect and how they work
  • spy voice recorders – a comprehensive guide
  • forensics – forgery, setting forensic traps
  • mini video cameras – preventing burglary, equipment overview, where to hide a mini cam
  • spy gadgets – gear for exams, how to install a spying device, most popular gadgets
  • GPS trackers – how they work and where to install them

If you have a question concerning any piece of spying equipment, you can be sure that an appropriate and clear answer provided by professionals with much expertise is to be found in the portal.

Have a laboratory… at your house!

Except for many useful tips on making the most use of different pieces of detective equipment, the portal also helps to turn your house into a laboratory – why would anybody do that?

Do you know that one in fifty British men are raising not their child and do not even know about it?! You may want to check if this is your case, a woman might have some doubts concerning the real father of her child and the child may want to confirm his or her roots. The portal comes to the rescue, as it offers a comprehensive article on how to check paternity using the so-called Paternity calculator.

It compares the following features of the alleged parents and their child: blood group, the colour of hair and eyes, cheeks and even gender. The appropriate algorithms and tests are available straight on the site, so you just need a few minutes to check for yourself and clear your doubts or confirm your gnawing fears.

Sherlock Holmes for hire!

If you need detective services and are thinking about hiring a private detective, the portal offers professional investigators that deal with various cases. Individuals can hire a private eye specialising in divorce cases, observation of people and property, legacy cases, searching for people, eavesdropping, and bugs detection. They also provide detective services for companies: economic investigations, eavesdropping, bugs detection, explorations and settings of assets, securing meetings and mystery shopper service.

The website is an excellent source of broad knowledge concerning detective work, spying equipment and forensics. It provides content created by professionals who are experts in different fields. The service is dedicated to people in need of expert advice, thinking about hiring a private detective or that cannot look for help in an agency and need to take the matter into their own hands. As their slogan goes, no matter what problem you have, ask them and they will do their best to help you.