How to redesign the family home

How to redesign the family home

There’s a lot of clutter in family life, so taking the time for a refresh can be a great opportunity to organise, improve flow and function, and put the shine back on. Here are our top picks for design priorities.

Involve the family

Kids are more likely to be patient and even excited instead of resistant to a redesign if you bring their taste into the mix. At the same time, the little ones may or may not have the sharpest taste, so you’ll want to put some parameters on what is and isn’t up for discussion.

Let the kids pick favourite colours, patterns or themes, and then look for minimal and easily modifiable ways to incorporate them. For a toddler who loves fire trucks, avoid painting the walls screaming red, but bring in the theme in bedding, a stencil or decorative item, or an area rug.

Fresh paint

If things are looking a little dated or dingy, then a fresh coat of paint can brighten things up and bring the polish back. Strive for balance by pairing bold and neutral elements in the design. If you’re picking a vibrant wall colour, then opt for neutral furnishings. Many prefer to go the opposite route by opting for a neutral or pale hue on the walls, thereby opening up the opportunity to not only get more creative with furnishings and other décor but also to revitalise the design without the need to repaint in the future.

One excellent tip is to pick up your paint chips and tape them to the wall for several days before deciding on a colour. You want to get a sense for how the colour will look in different types of light. Full wallpaper isn’t a common choice at the moment, but papering or stencilling a feature wall or structural element offers a creative way to bring interest and elevate the design.

Window coverings

Refreshing your window coverings offers an excellent opportunity to improve function and fashion at the same time. Options include curtains, blinds and shutters. Curtains can soften a space and offer a wide variety of prints, patterns and textures, but may be less functional, while blinds tend to be more of a minimalist or invisible element and offer varying levels of functionality.

Wooden shutters reinforce your design in a durable and functional manner. They are long-lasting and can add character to your home. There are a wide variety of forms, textures and colours available make them a distinctive and influential design element. They can also improve the curb appeal of your home if the time ever comes to sell, especially if you look to have some window plantation shutters installed. These are a great solution if you are worried about privacy in your home and are also easy to keep clean as they only need a light dusting. The style of the louvered slats is very on-trend at the moment and can bring a brighter and fresher feel to whichever room you choose to add them to.

Furniture and décor

Changing furnishings offers a quick way to refresh your space and make it more functional. Opt for durable items that will resist stains and scratches, and lots of storage to tuck toys and clutter out of sight. Small items such as pillows and linens can be a great way to shift your décor and look periodically or seasonally without the need to invest in large pieces, and can be helpful in adjusting a child’s space to suit as they mature.

Hopefully, these tips will give you some inspiration on how to redesign your home – good luck!