Doing up the Children’s Bedroom

Doing up the Children’s Bedroom

If two or more of your children aren’t too far apart from each other in their ages, there’d perhaps be a natural inclination to have them share a bedroom, or perhaps if you have twins, triplets or a bunch of kids who themselves prefer to share a bedroom. Two challenges arise out of this situation however (in addition to doing up children’s bedrooms being a challenge on its own), namely having to work with limited space and also trying to express the individual characters and styles of each child while having that fit in with a functional, overall design.

Space Utilisation

There are some times when the kids will naturally want to spend quite a bit of their time in the bedroom, whether doing homework, entertaining themselves in one of many ways, relaxing or just hanging out, so it’s important to make sure they have adequate space. The last thing anyone would want is to feel claustrophobic in a space that’s meant to be their sanctuary so although space would naturally be limited if there’s more than one child sharing the same room, this is where clever design elements will have to be considered. No unnecessary furniture pieces that eat up valuable space and you should perhaps also think about high-mounted storage units, but ones which are easily accessible regardless.

Stand-alone units would definitely waste space unnecessarily, so you’d have to look towards fitted solutions for that. Bunk-beds solve a lot of space issues and as long as you try to match the upholstery with the design (in colour or style) to the storage units, the room can still look really good aesthetically while also making for a very functional space to be enjoyed.

Design & Styling

While the base or the core of the room would perhaps represent a single style and design, in order to express each individual’s taste you could simply use appropriate colour coding (different coloured wall unit doors, different designs and colours of comforter sets, etc.) to set each individual’s private space apart from that of their siblings, unless of course they all have the same general taste, as is often the case with twins.

Another consideration which is of utmost importance is indeed the safety issue. Normally when there’s just one child utilising their bedroom space they’re a lot safer, but more than one mischievous mind is a breeding ground for even more creative ways of exposing safety hazards such as climbing all over furniture and free-standing storage units. This was the case with one YouTube video that surfaced a little while ago, where there were two kids playing in their room when one decided to climb atop the free-standing wardrobe unit. It fell onto the other child and while it was rather fortunate that no serious injuries were sustained (the parent was close by and heard the ominous noise), this is just one of the many safety hazards which should come under consideration when doing up the children’s bedroom.

Fortunately this safety consideration takes nothing away from the design and styling if you pick out a fitted bedroom design from specialists such as DM Design.