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3 features your next bedroom should have 0

A large portion of your time is spent in the bedroom, with approximately one third of your entire life being spent on sleep alone! Therefore, whether you’re building new or rejuvenating a pre-existing space, read below for out tips regarding what your next bedroom should have.

Making Your Kids’ Bedrooms Destruction-proof 0

As much as we love our kids, the one thing that most parents will be all too familiar with is the level of destruction they can cause around the home. While they may only be doing what kids do, which is enjoying themselves and playing, they often cause huge amounts [Read more]

Enjoying a smaller garden 0

It’s no secret that the size of British homes is in decline. Between 2008 and 2013, almost 25% more families were living in flats and maisonettes, as we continue to move away from the notion of the traditional family home.