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The Architectural History of Scotland 0

It’s interesting when a modern home design specialist like DM Design looks at the history of architecture in the UK, particularly Scotland, to see what connections there might be to the then and now of how certain styles of buildings came about.

Renovating Old Fireplaces Adds Beauty to a Room 0

Many older homes feature original open fireplaces that have perhaps been covered over during modernisation. It is notable, however, that a great number of people are choosing to uncover, restore and use them, and with good reason. A traditional fireplace is a very attractive addition to a room – especially [Read more]

Expert Washing Machine Repairs Liverpool 0

The washing machine is without a doubt one of the most important and widely used of all household appliances. It’s an essential item in most homes – especially those where there are children – and many are used on an almost daily basis. Every household wants the Best Washing Machine [Read more]