Why Bath Lifts Beat Walk-In Baths

Why Bath Lifts Beat Walk-In Baths

If you suffer from mobility problems, a warm bath is something of a double-edged sword. The hot water can soothe your body, and yet getting in and out can pose a problem. To address that problem, you’ll probably end up choosing between a walk-in bath and a bath lift.

Here are just a few reasons why a bath lift is likely to suit you better.

Reduced Cost and Hassle

Some people will be lucky enough to have a vast budget at their disposal, but most will need to keep their costs down.

That’s difficult to do with a walk-in tub. The whole bathtub will need to be replaced, with a brand-new, and often quite expensive, model, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Walk-in tubs tend to be shorter and taller, adopting more a seated position than a lying one. With that change in configuration, uncovered floor space will need to be tiled over and plumbing fixtures may need to be moved. Even if you have the money, nobody wants to put up with all that work putting the bathroom out of commission.

A bath lift is far easier as you can have one installed around your current tub. Nothing in the bathroom will need to be changed, and installation can be carried out very quickly.

Retains Your Standard Tub

As stated above, your average walk-in tub is designed to keep you seated rather than have you lie down. There’s no denying that a seating position can be beneficial, but what if you’re not the only person who uses the bath. If you have a partner who does not suffer from mobility problems, for example, it’s nice for them to be able to take a standard bath. With a bath lift, you can get in and out easily without impacting how other people use the tub.

No Waiting

Perhaps the most serious flaw associated with walk-in tubs is that you need to get in before turning on the water and then wait for it to drain before getting out. If you get the temperature wrong at first, you can either scald or chill yourself. When the water is running out after your bath, your wet body will be exposed to the cold air of the bathroom. A bath lift can lower you in when the bath is full and then bring you out before the bath is emptied.