3 features your next bedroom should have

3 features your next bedroom should have

A large portion of your time is spent in the bedroom, with approximately one third of your entire life being spent on sleep alone! Therefore, whether you’re building new or rejuvenating a pre-existing space, read below for out tips regarding what your next bedroom should have.

  1. Technology

Becoming more common these days are the humble TV that pops up from the foot of the bed. Not only will you be able to watch and stream content easily, but built in connectivity to your home’s security system will give you eyes and ears when you need it.

On the topic of smart technology, having remotely controlled lighting is another handy feature to invest in. Not only can you turn on and off the lights, but program in some dimmer presets to suit your needs, whether it’s reading, watching TV or something a little more active! Best of all, this can be controlled via your phone, no more getting out or bed or 80s clapper switches!

  1. Quality

If you’re going to the effort of designing a space to rest and recuperate after a long day, don’t forget the basics. Not only will good quality linen help you to get a better sleep due to it thermal regulation, but it will last longer. When you think of it in these terms, a higher price tag is well worth it. If on a budget, focus on the sheets as they are close to your body, or at the very least a great pillowcase – head sweat is guaranteed to affect your night’s sleep!

A great mattress will not only allow you to rest more easily, but is known to help with various aches and pains if it is able to assist your body to lie in a supported, neutral position. The sky really is the limit when it comes to mattresses (30k ones do exist!) but a mid-ranged priced one can do the job if replaced more regularly.

  1. Storage, storage, storage

There really needs to be decent space for all your belongings unless you have additional storage elsewhere in the house. Whether it’s a walk-in, freestanding or custom built-in, the wardrobe will be a central aspect of keeping clutter at bay. For best results have a mixture of storage options, which are ideally flexible so they can be modified as your needs evolve.

Deep shelves might seem like all you need but you’ll then need to invest in a bunch of storage boxes to house loose items. Shoes also take up a lot of room. If you don’t have the capacity to store in a mudroom or under a bed for example, you’ll need racks to house them. These could be rotating or stacked, or in more restricted floorplan, a large chest to rummage through.

Depending on your location, hit up some new home builders in Warragal, Melbourne or Ballarat to see examples of their previous work. The more experienced tradespeople will be able to advise solutions to best suit your space.